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Hello, my name is Buzz. My parents named me after the second man to walk on the Moon. However, my ambition isn't to reach the moon, I am aiming for a fantastic career in business. My dad left town when I was pretty young and so I didn't see him as I was growing up. Thankfully, my uncle Bob was a great influence. Not only is he a great guy, he is also a great businessman. For the past 8 months, Bob has been offering me advice about the range of different businesses I could start. i hope you enjoy my blog.


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Why Involve Town Planners Before You Plan A Development Project?

Before you start drawing up formal plans for a development project, it's worth talking to local town planners. How will this help you get approval for your project? 1. Access Local Planning Knowledge Even if you have worked on development projects in the same area in the past, you still might not have in-depth knowledge of local town planning rules. Rules can be complex; they are also often subject to change.