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Why Involve Town Planners Before You Plan A Development Project?

by Carolyn Jordan

Before you start drawing up formal plans for a development project, it's worth talking to local town planners. How will this help you get approval for your project?

1. Access Local Planning Knowledge

Even if you have worked on development projects in the same area in the past, you still might not have in-depth knowledge of local town planning rules. Rules can be complex; they are also often subject to change.

You shouldn't assume that you will get planning permission for a build because it is similar to the one you were allowed to construct in the past. You also shouldn't assume that you will get approval to build a similar development to recent builds in the area.

Every development project is different. Project details and locations might trigger regulations of which you weren't aware. Or, builds that were allowed even recently might not be approved now if rules have changed.

If you talk to a local town planner before you start planning in earnest, then you'll learn if there are any potential problems in your broad plans. If there will be obstacles, then you can decide how best to overcome them.

2. Improve Your Chances Of Immediate Planning Approval

Once you submit your planning application, you have to wait to find out if your local council approves your plans. While all is not lost if your application is rejected, you'll have lost valuable time and money.

To continue, you'll have to redraft your plans to make them meet the requirements. You might have to make major changes to your project if your plans run into significant issues. Even small changes will add to the time it takes to start the build.

If you consult town planning experts early in the process, then they can help you ensure that your plans are viable and accurate. Plans are more likely to pass the approval process the first time if they meet up-to-date local planning objectives and rules.

3. Get an Advocate For Your Planning Proposal

Your plans have to stand on their merits during the planning approval process. You can't necessarily get involved at this stage.

If you involve a town planner in your project from a pre-planning stage, then they will know all about your project. They'll understand your plans. They can explain them and argue for them. An engaged and onside town planner makes it easier for planning departments to find in your favour.

For more advice, contact local town planning representatives or consultants.