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Water Heater Maintenance: Purchasing an Ideal Replacement Anode

by Carolyn Jordan

Water heater tanks are designed to provide long-term service after initial installation. In general, these structures are built using resilient metallic materials which can withstand high mechanical stress and extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, hot water tanks are infallible. They are vulnerable to fast degradation due to their continuous contact with water.

In simple terms, the metal structures become corroded and wear away over time. If you would like to extend the service life of your appliance, you should install sacrificial anodes. These are special metallic rods designed to be corroded preferentially over the heater when installed in the tank. Here are some crucial considerations to help you purchase a new or replacement sacrificial anode.

Anode Rod Material

There are different materials which are used to fabricate sacrificial anodes. The most popular materials are aluminium, zinc and magnesium. Aluminium anodes are the most common and are often included in a new metallic water tank. The material is favourable because it is inexpensive and durable. However, the metal is not highly reactive like alternatives, so it will not provide optimal protection, especially in fresh water.

Magnesium anodes are reliable for water heater tank protection, regardless of the material type or the condition of the water. This performance can be attributed to the fact that this metal is highly reactive. The only drawback is the relatively higher price of purchase and faster rate of corrosion. You should note that pure zinc anodes are rarely used in tanks. However, you will find some durable aluminium/zinc anodes.

Anode Rod Size

You should think about the size of the sacrificial anode required in your tank. You should make an inquiry from the tank manufacturer or check the owner's manual for details. Ideally, when choosing the right anode length, it is important to consider the tank clearance. You do not want to purchase a rod which cannot be fitted into the tank. If there are unavoidable clearance problems, consider installing a flexible rod. This choice is more expensive, but it will endure that the fit is right.

Installation Style

Finally, you should choose the right sacrificial anode installation style for your water heater tank. The products in the market are designed in two common styles: hex head and water outlet rod. For the best results, you should compare your options with the old rod in your tank.

If you are uncertain about the most suitable sacrificial anode product for your tank, you should consult an anode vendor for advice or check the recommendations made by the water heater manufacturer.