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Hello, my name is Buzz. My parents named me after the second man to walk on the Moon. However, my ambition isn't to reach the moon, I am aiming for a fantastic career in business. My dad left town when I was pretty young and so I didn't see him as I was growing up. Thankfully, my uncle Bob was a great influence. Not only is he a great guy, he is also a great businessman. For the past 8 months, Bob has been offering me advice about the range of different businesses I could start. i hope you enjoy my blog.


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3 Line Marking Products You Need for Your Industrial Facility

by Carolyn Jordan

Line marking is often needed inside and outside any commercial or industrial facility; you want to make note of where and how to direct traffic outside for delivery trucks and visitors, and also direct foot traffic inside. Marks on the floor can also help direct the flow of materials; workers can follow certain lanes for moving certain product, or can easily find different storerooms and areas of the building according to lines, arrows, and other marks on the floor. When you're ready to invest in line marking products for your commercial or industrial facility, note a few of those products you'll want to include on your list so you know you get everything you need.

1. Slip resistant floor paint

To mark lines inside a building, you want to consider slip resistant floor paint. However, note that there is a difference between slip resistant and slip-proof paint; slip resistant may be made of a thicker material that isn't as smooth along its surface, whereas slip-proof paint will usually have an aggregate or other material added that gives it added traction. In areas that are prone to moisture on the floor, in kitchens or areas that may see grease spills, and for maximum safety, it's good to understand the difference in these two paints and choose the one with the needed traction for your facility.

2. Wheeled paint applicator

A handheld applicator can be used for quick and simple applications of paint, but for larger jobs, you want to rely on more than your steady hand to apply paint, even when using a stencil. A wheeled aerosol paint applicator allows you to put a can of aerosol paint on the handheld trolley and wheel the can along the area to be painted, so you don't need to hold it up physically. This will cut down on fatigue but also ensure a more even coat of paint, as the aerosol can will be held at the same distance from the painted surface at all times.

3. Temporary line markers

Temporary line markers can be used for more than just temporary directions; they are also a good choice for using before you add permanent paint. You can put down the temporary lines and then note if your measurements allow for adequate access or parking outside, or if the lines are easily seen inside the building. You can then move the temporary line markers and tape accordingly, giving you the chance to decide on where the permanent markings will go before you actually paint line marking products on your building floor or outside lot.