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Why Every Home Needs A Proper Ventilation Solution

by Carolyn Jordan

Australia is not the easiest climate to try and build a home in, but there are a few key tips and tricks you can employ to change that. Ventilation offers many benefits, but it must be tailored to your personal situation by a qualified expert. When done right, ventilation can drastically change how it feels to live and work in your home, to the point where it seems almost unrecognisable to what it was before. Here are three of the main benefits of proper home ventilation inside your home, no matter which part of Australia you live in.

Aerate Problem Areas

Some parts of Australia are quite humid and moist, with the water lingering in the air for much longer due to environmental features of that area, particularly in the southern parts of Victoria and especially Tasmania, (although this phenomenon does appear in other places, too). This moisture might not seem like an issue, but if it gets into the structural areas of your home, particularly the roof, inside your walls or under your floors, then it can fester and rot. Ventilation can be used to make sure this moisture has a place to go and does not simply sit on your valuable wooden structural connections. 

Pollen Filter

Some people are very sensitive to pollen in all its forms, even the tiny little spores that seem invisible to the human eye. Home ventilation can act as a barrier if you get specific systems that are aimed at reducing the pollen count indoors. This is especially helpful during spring when pollen counts can get insanely high in much of coastal Australia. If you have allergens and know you get a lot of reactions in spring or even summer, then you might want to look into getting your whole home ventilated with proper pollen filters. 

Reduce Heat In Summer

There is no denying it, wherever you live in Australia, there is a pretty good chance that the temperature will get close to 40 degrees Celsius in summertime despite your best efforts. You might have the air conditioning blasting at full pelt and as many fans on as you would like, and you can still struggle to change the mercury in your thermometer. Home ventilation can get rid of the hot air in stuffy places that is effectively acting as a thermal blanket, keeping the whole house hot while you try to do your best to reduce it with electronic means.

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