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3 Reasons to Consider Using Pine Sawdust as Animal Bedding

by Carolyn Jordan

If you just started an animal rearing project, you must be researching different things such as the right food for them and how to keep their sleeping areas comfortable. The conditions of the stys, pens, and other animal enclosures go beyond determining the comfort of the animals; they also influence the health and hygiene of the animal. 

Animal rearing experts will recommend different animal bedding materials, which can make it hard to choose one. However, by weighing each material's pros and cons, you will understand what is best for your animal. Here are three reasons why you should consider using pine sawdust as animal bedding. 

Pine Sawdust Is Comfortable

It can be very uncomfortable to have your animal lying down on the cold hard floor of their enclosure all night. This discomfort increases during the cold season when there is snow all over and also when it rains. Additionally, if they urinate on the floor, the wetness will make them miserable. 

Pine sawdust is a great bedding material because it is resistant to moisture and it breaks down very slowly. It is soft and comfortable and creates a soft cushion for your animal to lie on throughout the seasons. Good quality pine sawdust doubles the amount of comfort your animal has to live in regardless of the season.

Pine Sawdust Improves Hygiene

The environment where pine sawdust is produced is normally very clean and hygienic. It is uncommon to find chemicals, contaminants or allergens in the sawdust. The dust is also very absorbent, and it sucks in a lot of moisture from the animal urine and other sources. This minimises the possibility of mould in the animal environment. As a result, your horses or other animals will suffer fewer cases of allergies and other infections when you make them a bed of pine sawdust.

Pine Sawdust Is Very Affordable

Compared to other bedding materials in the market, pine sawdust is very affordable. You can order a semi-truck load of the shavings or dust and have it delivered to you at a very affordable price. 

It is also possible to pre-order the dust and have the suppliers make the shavings for you at a very reasonable cost. Since woodworking happens all over the country, you do not have to worry about transport.

Your animals will live in complete comfort when you get a supplier of superior quality pine sawdust for their bedding. Get a reliable supplier today and transform the way your animals live.