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Hello, my name is Buzz. My parents named me after the second man to walk on the Moon. However, my ambition isn't to reach the moon, I am aiming for a fantastic career in business. My dad left town when I was pretty young and so I didn't see him as I was growing up. Thankfully, my uncle Bob was a great influence. Not only is he a great guy, he is also a great businessman. For the past 8 months, Bob has been offering me advice about the range of different businesses I could start. i hope you enjoy my blog.



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Could Your Firm Benefit From T-Shirt Screenprinting?

by Carolyn Jordan

When you want to promote your business or provide a reminder of a special event you are organising then one of the most effective means of keeping it in the public consciousness is through t-shirt screenprinting. Producing t-shirts to sell or give way has lots of advantages. By partnering with a company that can take your design and use it to produce unique t-shirts with your message you can expand your reach and spread your message. Here are three reasons that you should think about using t-shirt screenprinting as a promotional tool.

Shape your own message

With t-shirt screenprinting, you are in complete control of the message. You do not have the limits of a newspaper advert or a twenty-second radio commercial. T-shirts give you the opportunity to create a bright message that will keep your brand visible without appearing to be a direct advertisement.

Positively associate your brand

T-shirt screenprinting produces a design that is durable and long-lasting and that can reflect positively on your brand. If you select an experienced screenprinting company you can be sure that they will know exactly how to use their equipment to produce a high-quality design that isn't going to flake or peel away from the t-shirt. Besides the quality of the printing, you will want to reflect on the quality of the t-shirts used for printing. Producing unique t-shirts provides an opportunity for you to associate your brand with a quality product in the mind of all who see it, but you must ensure that the t-shirt screenprinting company you choose can work to the needed quality.

Build your reach

When your company advertises how many people actually see your message? Often the only people who will see your adverts are people who are looking for them, but that misses out a large number of people who could benefit from your services or products but may not be ready to buy just yet. The t-shirts you produce will be worn for many years by people in a wide range of locations and will be seen by many thousands of people. They provide an opportunity to increase name recognition for your company with a vast number of people who may never have heard of you but who might want to use your services in the future. By making people aware of your brand you increase the likelihood that they will call you when they are ready to buy from you.

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