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How to Make Sure Your Kids Are Prepared for an Unexpected Toilet Trip

by Carolyn Jordan

A study by a professor at the University of Arizona in the US found that the average toilet seat in the home contains more than 50 bacteria per square inch. While this may sound unpleasant, most homeowners take good care of their bathrooms, and this figure will probably be considerably higher on a public toilet seat. After all, you can't rely on everybody to take the same amount of care in that situation. So, if you have kids to worry about and spend a lot of time out and about, how can you protect them from any risk when you have to visit one of these public facilities in a hurry?

Planning Difficulties

Kids being kids, they are not generally known for their forethought. They have got far more to worry about after all, as they embark on a new adventure each and every day. This means that while the adults can certainly plan their day and may choose to use the home bathroom before they head out, the children are less likely to be so predictable.


If you are familiar with this type of uncertainty, then you know that you need to be prepared and have a plan of action should you need to use a public toilet in an emergency. Unfortunately, you may not have a lot of choices nearby at any particular time and may not be too happy with the general state of cleanliness in any one facility. Still, you have to take care of the situation, and you must ensure that you protect your children from any exposure to too much bacteria or other contaminants.

Disposable Covers

In this case, you need to stock up with some disposable toilet seat covers, which are specifically designed to act as a barrier between the toilet and your child. These are made to be comfortable and have soft, nonwoven fabric on top and a plastic coating underneath.

The typical cover will be oversized so that it can cover not just the lid but the back, front and sides too. In this case, you will be able to take care of whatever you need to do and not worry about the risk of contamination or bacteria.

Being Prepared

Before you set out for another day of shopping or a trip that could end up in a trip to a public toilet, make sure that you have a stock of these disposable covers on hand. They are individually wrapped and easy to carry in your bag, so you can take action wherever needed.

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